samedi 7 mars 2009

Primeur de mars !

La toute première vidéo du spectacle

... laissez vous submerger par les complaintes russes de notre Balalaïka !

Merci Denis ...

2 commentaires:

AIS a dit…

Thank you for putting your show on line. We had a great time watching it!
We loved to see you dance and sing at the same time, and your costumes were awesome!!!

Austin International School USA
(CE1 class)

Anonyme a dit…

Hi kids! and mums!!!
I was by casuality in Vallon-Pont- d'Arc las week wednesday (not much to do out there on a winter rainy day!!!! ;=) )
It's why I decided to head off to this big red tent at night to give it a try...
I have been amazed by the quality of this this choir!!!! What was the name again... Scolacantarelle, Scholacantarel, ... Schola Cantarel ho, no, that's it! Schola Cantharel!!! What a great team... beautiful costums, enchanting choreography, qualitative song acts... What a show for such a little French city at the start of the Ardèche canyons (but still... in the middle of nowhere ;=)) )
Thank you very much kids, mums, parents & teachers... I had a real nice soiree that I will not forget for a long time!!!!

An American in Vallon.